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"PJ" is a young(ish) Business minded web and graphic designer. He has great potential to be one of the next big things in the web and graphic design industry.

When "PJ" was 16 he went to college to do A Levels in Maths and Physics, and also retake his GCSE English. "PJ" didn't like english and so spent the time he should of been in lessons self teaching himself HTML in the Library. He created many sites using Yahoo's Geocities. Unfortunately Geocities has now closed down and he lost all of his content.

Since leaving College "PJ" has had quite a few jobs in Events, Sales and Marketing. But in early 2011 he became unemployed when he was working for Nottingham City Council when the Council cut the budget to the Section he was working in.

So bored at home he decided to get back into Web Sites again, and in July 2011 he created; a business directory for the UK. It has taken off really quickly and could soon be a real rival for the likes of Yell and other sites like that.

"PJ" is also a Scout Leader. He has offered his services to Ashfield District Scouts for free to help them build a website for the district.

More to come in the future soon!